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Oriental Motor MU Series Cooling Fan

List of MU Series Cooling Fan

Axial flow fans use a blade (propeller) to generate air flow in the direction of the axis of rotation. Capable of generating a large air flow, axial flow fans are suited for applications requiring ventilation and cooling where the entire space inside the device must be cooled.

MU Series Cooling Fan

Axial Flow Fans

Product Name
[Cooling Fans]
Frame Size
Maximum Air Flow
Power Supply Input
MU825S-53 []80 mm - 25 mm Thick 0.45 ~ 0.55 [Single phase]
220/230 VAC 50/60 Hz
MU925S-51 []92 mm - 25 mm Thick 0.95 ~ 1.1
MU1238A-51B []119 mm - 38 mm Thick 2.7 ~ 3

Additional fan accessories are available, such as finger guards or fan filters.
For other types of cooling fans such as centrifugal blowers or crossflow fans, please contact us for more information.

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