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New Equipment Design Considerations

The Electrification of Air Cylinders

Oriental Motor has a product line of linear & rotary actuators that are compatible with the electrification of air cylinders. The αSTEP AZ Series with on-board battery-less absolute sensor can perform high-accuracy positioning and limit the torque generated by a motor to the desired value (push-motion operation, etc.), rather than just performing speed control. Linear & rotary actuators that use them as the drive source are available.

Product Line that Supports Various Mechanisms and Operations

Series Example Model Example Specifications
Compact Electric Linear Cylinders DR Series  Compact Electric Linear Cylinders DR Series DR28G1B03-AZAKD

Frame size: 28 mm
Stroke: 30 mm
Thrust: 40 N

Compact Electric Linear Cylinders DRS2 Series  Compact Electric Linear Cylinders DRS2 Series DRSM42LG-04A2AZAK

Frame size: 42 mm
Stroke: 40 mm
Push-motion: 400 N

Electric Linear Cylinders EAC Series  Electric Linear Cylinders EAC Series EACM6WE20AZAC-G

Frame size: 60 mm
Stroke: 200 mm
Speed: 200 mm/s
Thrust: 400 N (at 200 mm/s)

Rack-and-Pinion Systems L Series  Rack-and-Pinion Systems L Series
Equipped with αSTEP AZ Series

Frame size: 80 mm
Stroke: 200 mm
Speed: 20 mm/s
Thrust: 1008 N (at 20 mm/s)

Hollow Rotary Actuators DGⅡ Series  Hollow Rotary Actuators DGⅡ Series DGM60-AZAK

Frame size: 60 mm
Speed: 600 deg/s
Permissible torque: 0.9 N (at 600 deg/s)

Electric Grippers EH Series  Electric Grippers EH Series EH4-AZAKH

Stroke: 25 mm (both sides)
Grip force: 25 N

● The specifications of the particular model in each series are provided as reference.

Various Operations Achieved with Unified Control

The αSTEP AZ Series offers not only standard type motors from a small size up, but also geared motors and motors containing linear & rotary actuators combined with mechanical components. Both AC input (100–240 VAC) and DC input (DC 24/48 VDC) drivers are available. There is also a full product line of FA network-compatible products. Because the motors, drivers, and cables are shared, wiring, control, and maintenance parts can be standardized by selecting the same series for the equipment, reducing the startup time and labor involved.

Standardized Wiring, Control, and Maintenance Parts

●EtherCAT® is a registered trademark for a patented technology licensed by Beckhoff Automation GmbH (Germany).
●EtherNet/IP™ is a trademark of ODVA.
●MECHATROLINK is a registered trademark of MECHATROLINK Members Association.
●SSCNETⅢ/H is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.
●CC-Link is a registered trademark of CC-Link Partner Association.
●Modbus (RTU) is a registered trademark of Schneider Automation Inc.

Improved Equipment Operating Ratio and Multifunctionality

Making use of monitoring and information functions in network-compatible products contributes to a higher equipment operating ratio. This leads to a reduction in wasted electricity caused by unexpected equipment stoppages, as well as decreased power consumption across the plant.

Example) Cumulative load monitoring Example) Using a monitor to conduct two operations simultaneously
The AZ Series grasps a motor’s load factor across area via cumulative load monitoring, and detects it as a value. This is useful for determining long-term changes in a load due to age deterioration, etc. Air cylinders need sensors to determine the size of the load. The EH Series of Electric Gripper with on-board AZ Series uses the motor’s encoder information to determine dimensions and grip at the same time.
Image of Cumulative Load Monitoring Image Showing Use of the EH Series

More Compact and Lighter Weight Equipment

Oriental Motor has a wide range of products that can help achieve smaller and lighter equipment, robots, etc.
Having more compact and lighter weight equipment overall means less motor output for driving, resulting in lower power consumption.

Achieving More Compact and Lightweight Equipment with the Latest Driver
αSTEP AZ Series mini Driver
BLV Series R Type
The AZ Series not only performs speed control with high positioning accuracy, but can also control the motor’s generated torque to a desired value (push-motion operation, etc.).
Mini drivers have a compact design for fitting into tight spaces, and can be directly installed onto equipment with two screws.
These DC input brushless motors offer speed control from 1 r/min. Both the motor and driver are significantly smaller and lighter, and can fit into a small space inside equipment. The mini driver can also monitor power consumption.
Size Image of AZ Series mini Driver Size Comparison with BLV Series R Type
Mobile Automation-Compatible Products

Mobile automation-compatible products are a group of products with the shared concepts of being small, lightweight, and battery-operated.
They are optimal for self-propelled equipment and mobile facilities, and can help achieve flexible automation lines and mobile automation, which are seeing a growing demand.

Mobile Automation-compatible Products have the Necessary Elements for Achieving Layout-free Automated Equipment

-Automatically transport items without the use of a fixed conveyor.
-Configure a production line with modularized compact & lightweight equipment.
-Broaden the movement range without the need to run AC power supply lines.

Mobile Automation-Compatible Products

Please consider our mobile automation-compatible products.

Image of Device Embedding with Mobile Automation-Compatible Products

Compatible Products

Compact Electric Linear Cylinders DR Series

Compact Electric Linear Cylinders
DR Series

These compact electric cylinders with a frame size of either 20 mm or 28 mm have an integrated αSTEP and ball screw to achieve linear motion. The motor is equipped with an Absolute Sensor, contributing to space saving and less wiring.

Compact Electric Linear Cylinders DRS2 Series

Compact Electric Linear Cylinders
DRS2 Series

Automatically controls the operation of the fan in accordance with temperature fluctuations inside the equipment. This helps improve the equipment's "environmental" performance relative to energy savings, noise reduction, etc.

Compact Electric Linear Cylinders DR Series

Electric Linear Cylinders
EAC Series

The motor component incorporates a high-efficiency, energy-saving αSTEP AZ Series electric cylinder. In addition to straight-type actuators, reversed motor types with shorter overall length that can save space are also available.

Rack-and-Pinion Systems L Series Equipped with αSTEP AZ Series

Rack-and-pinion Systems L Series
Equipped with αSTEP AZ Series

These linear & rotary actuators (linear motors) combine a rack-and-pinion mechanism and motor. Equipped with an AZ Series stepper motor with battery-free Absolute Sensor, they can transport heavy loads up to 100 kg in addition to offering high positioning accuracy. This contributes to more compact equipment and less production work.

Hollow Rotary Actuators DGⅡ Series

Hollow Rotary Actuators
DGII Series

This is a line of integrated products that combines a hollow rotary table with an αSTEP. The actuator has an internal speed reduction mechanism, which makes high power driving possible.

Hollow Rotary Actuators DGⅡ Series

Electric Grippers
EH Series

This series offers the delicate grip of human fingertips. The drive motor is an αSTEP AZ Series stepper motor equipped with an Absolute Sensor.

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