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Product Use Considerations

Reduced Power Consumption with a High-torque Stepper Motor

Effectively using a high-torque motor can reduce power consumption. After revising the magnetic design and structure design of the PKP Series of stepper motors, it produces much more torque than conventional products of the same size. In addition, torque can be increased in the high-speed range by using high current motors. There are also drivers that can maximize the performance of the PKP Series.

Stepper Motors PKP Series (2-phase/5-phase) Bipolar Driver for 2-phase Stepper Motor Driver for 5-phase Stepper Motor CVD Series
Stepper Motors PKP Series
Bipolar Driver for 2-phase Stepper Motor
Driver for 5-phase Stepper Motor
CVD Series

The Effects of Using the PKP Series
Comparison of Speed–Torque Characteristics and CO2 Emissions

The high torque of the PKP Series can be utilized to achieve a running current with the same torque as a conventional product to reduce CO2 emissions.

Size Image of AZ Series mini Driver

●Comparison of PK264D28A and PKP264D28A2

Speed 0.1 kHz (30 r/min)
Load Torque No load
Operating Time 24 hours a day
365 days a year
Operating Conditions 50% operating
50% stand-by
Power Supply Voltage 24 VDC
CO2 Coefficient 0.519 kg–CO2/kWh

CO2 emssions:
Reduced by up to 56%

Comparison of Motor Temperature Rise

Temperature rise in the motor can be suppressed by lowering the running current in the PKP Series. This increases the life of the motor.

PKP Series: Image of Comparison of Motor Temperature Rise

Measurement conditions: No load, operating speed 0.1 kHz, operated for 0.5 s, stopped for 0.5 s

Saturation Temperature Rise
Conventional Product 64.6
PKP264D28A2 34.2

Temperature Rise
Decreased by 30°C

Compatible Products

Stepper Motors PKP Series

Compact Stepper Motors
PKP Series

This is a high torque and low vibration 2-phase stepper motor with a basic step angle of 1.8° (resolution of 200 steps per revolution). A wide variety of products is available for selecting a motor that meets the design specifications. (A separate dedicated driver is required to operate each motor.)

Driver for Stepper Motors CVD Series

Driver for Stepper Motors
CVD Series

These are DC input drivers for 2-phase and 5-phase stepper motors. The microstep drive function for low-vibration drivers further reduces vibration. Three types of driver are available, depending on the installation direction and cable drawing direction.

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