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What is αSTEP?

Since its launch, the αSTEP has been used in many industries and applications ranging from factory automation (FA), semiconductors, and electronic component manufacturing equipment to medical equipment. The demand for motors is diversifying as automation, which replaces human work, accelerates at an unprecedented rate. αSTEP is a product that keeps up with the changing times to continue to meet the needs of customers.

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What is αSTEP?

αSTEP is a stepping-motor based motor with hybrid control between open-loop and closed-loop control. Stepping motors are capable of controlling the angle and speed of rotation accurately in open loop motors widely used in industrial fields such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment and medical analysers. αSTEP was developed with the idea to increasing the reliability of stepping motors being open loop control and servo. Not only are they high-precision positioning and speed control in the same way as motors, its also possible to control the motor to limit the torque generated to a desired value. Due to its high torque in the medium and low speed range, it excels in positioning over short distances. Another feature is the DC power input and small size of the line-up.

Position map image of αSTEP

Output guideline with a mounting angle of 60 mm

* For output (W) of the AC servo motor, it is displayed as "rated output" when rotating at the "rated rotation speed". On the other hand, stepping motors characterized by their high-precision positioning and high torque in the mid-low speed range do not have a "rated rotation speed" and notation. Since the output (W) calculated by the "rotation speed" also changes, the torque of the standard type motor corresponds to the rated torque of the servo motor of what W is described here for reference.

The αSTEP constantly monitors the position and other parameters and automatically switches between open-loop and closed-loop control depending on the situation. Normally, this movement is synchronized to the command in open-loop control, just as with stepping motors. If an overload results in a position deviation of ±1.8° or more, it switches to closed-loop control like a servo motor and corrective action is performed.

Open-loop control

Closed-loop control

History of αSTEP

In 1998, the first generation of αSTEP was launched as AS Series, followed by AR series in 2007, to respond to the need for power-saving motors with lower heat generation and compatibility with Factory Automation(FA) networks. αSTEP was recognised as an energy-saving product and received the 29th Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award for Excellent Energy-saving Equipment in 2008 in Japan.

In 2013, the AZ series was launched with a battery-free multi-turn absolute sensor making it possible to build absolute systems without batteries. Throughout the different series, αSTEP has continued to evolve in line with the changing times throughout a period of almost 20 years. Today, the αSTEP is well received by many customers and are widely used in many range of applications, including factory automation (FA), semiconductors, electronic component manufacturing equipment and medical equipment.

History Chart of ASTEP

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We have a lineup of voltage specifications for single-phase 100V / 200V, three-phase 200V, and DC power input so that they can be used in major countries around the world. Each series has obtained UL / CSA standard certification, is EN standard compliant, and has CE marking.
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