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Motorized Actuators
Motorized Linear Slides

EZ limo EZSII Series

This series offers easy operation and achieves greater performance for more efficient positioning of the motorized linear slides.
The compact design also facilitates easy installation and wiring into your equipment.

Quick Positioning

The EZSII Series adopts the αstep, which is a closed loop stepping motor characterized by its high response.
By fully utilizing the performance of the αstep, the EZSII Series is capable of performing quick positioning

High Power

The EZSII Series can perform high-speed positioning while supporting a large transportable mass.

●Maximum Transportable Mass:
Horizontal transport 60 kg Vertical transport 30 kg
EZS6(With 6 mm lead)
●Maximum Speed:
800 mm/s
EZS3,EZS4,EZS6 (With 12 mm lead, single-phase 100-115 VAC/200-230 VAC input)

Space Saving

The shape of the motor cable outlet was changed to eliminate dead space.
The overall length of the linear slide is shorter for every stroke, which enables space saving design for your equipment.


Easy to Use

Wear Prevention

A roller mechanism is used to prevent stainless sheet wear. The roller mechanism suppresses dust generation caused by the sliding of the stainless sheet and the table.


Sensorless High-Speed Return-to-Home Operation Max. 100 mm/s

We have developed a dedicated stopper to achieve the sensorless return-to-home operation at a maximum speed of 100 mm/s.
Once the motor detects table contact with the stopper, it will perform the return-to-home operation at 6 mm/s.


Traveling Parallelism 0.03 mm

A traveling parallelism of 0.03 mm is achieved by the direct installation of the guide on the mounting surface.

Vibration Suppression Function

The newly developed control method achieves low vibration even at the speed range where large vibration occurs normally.


Maintenance-Free for Long-Term Performance

The ball screw employs the QZ lubrication system, while the LM Guide uses the Ball Retainer to retain the coupled rolling elements.
The ball screw and LM Guide use AFF grease with reduced dustraising properties, which is designed for use in clean rooms.

Easy Wiring

The linear slide and controller are connected via a single cable, and the wiring distance can be extended to a maximum of 20 m✽.
The cable is fitted with a connector for quick connection.

✽Maximum of 10 m for 24 VDC input