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Stepping Motors
Stepping Motor and Driver Packages αSTEP

ABZO Sensor

AZ Series

DC Power-Supply Input FLEX LOGO Built-in Controller Type and Network Compatible drivers

AZ DC Series
Equipped with a ABZO Sensor of the new development to the motor, and shortening of homing time to realize the motion control that does not use an external sensor. With built-in controller type (FLEX) equipped with interfaces that connect to a wide variety of host system.

•Equipped with ABZO Sensor

If you pre-set home position, you don’t need to prepare an External sensor for Home positioning.

Cost Down

High Speed Homing.

No Battery

ABZO sensor do not required use of battery and you still can get absolute function

Various functions, more than your exportation

Compact DC Power-Supply Input Driver

The compact DC power input driver makes it possible to reduce the space needed for installing control boxes and devices. The driver can be mounted directly to a DIN rail, so no screws are necessary.

Built-In Controller Type

Modular Automation

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