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What's New
MEXE02 Support Software Ver. 3.70 and Ver updated
We've updated our MEXE02 Support Software with two new versions available.

1) Ver. 3.70 - Support for the latest firmware:
-BLV series standard/electromagnetic brake type
-BLH series digital setting type
-BLH series RS-485 communication type Improved operational stability

2) Ver. - Addition of compatible products / Operating environment update:
-αSTEP AZ series pulse train input type, built-in positioning function type, pulse train input type with RS-485 communication
-αSTEP AZ series small driver
-Support from .NET Framework 4.6.2 to .NET Core 3.0
-Change of OS: Supported version of Windows 10 to Ver.1607 or later

For general usage of our compatible products, please download Ver 3.70.
Ver. comes with added features that support the AZ Series.

Do click here for more information under download section.

Thank you.