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New Released Products
BLV Series R Type Brushless DC motor

A brushless motor with a DC power input that is even smaller and lighter. Low-speed operation from 1r/min can be set to achieve smooth drive. It is battery-powered and supports the development of more compact devices. It supports Modbus (RTU) and CANopen communication.


Battery-operated, Compact, and Lightweight. Brushless Motors in the Era of Advancing Automation
Developed to Support the Design of Compact, Battery Driven Automation.

BLV Series R Type

Wide Speed Range, Smooth Motion, Current Position and Position Feedback is Possible.

● Broad speed control range of 1-4000 r/min. Smooth performance is possible throughout the entire speed range.
● Current position and position feedback is possible from increased motor resolution.

Compact and Lightweight

Both the motor and driver are significantly smaller and lighter.
The driver is approximately 80% smaller than the conventional product. The smaller driver saves valuable space in the automation equipment.

● For more specific details of the BLV Series R Type, please refer to our Product Information web page.

● For more specific details of the BLV Series R Type Support Software, please refer to our software download page.