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Saving Energy and Resources for all types of Motion Control in Automation Equipment
This videos explains the concept and need for Carbon Neutrality and how are some methods of reducing C02 emissions may be adopted.

Modular Automation? Watch and learn more about it.
Check this video about modular automation with narration. We explain more in details about what modular automation is all about.

Modular Automation Product Introduction
Introducing "Modular Automation Compatible Products" with the concept of battery-powered DC power input that are small in size and light weight. Numerous items of Oriental Motors are cultivated in world-standard technology release the idea of ​​automation for customers and make all possibilities a reality.

Predictive Maintainance (IoT) Push Button Endurance Test Demonstration
Our Closed Loop Stepper motors AZ Series can be used together with various types of networks and protocols. Check out this video to learn more about what are the possibilities of adopting network control.

System Process Application
This video will introduce you about our series of product that gets connected into the real life application. We will showcase some of the example of the application that is suitable for which kind of products to use.

Oriental Motor Motion Control
This video involve our various products like ac motors, stepping motors, cooling fans, speed control motors, controllers, accessories and motorized actuators which combines together to work in different section and deliver this motor motion control project. You could actually see how amazingly our motor products can do.

6 Connection
This video shows the automation process that includes AR Series, EAS Series, DGII Series, BLE Series, BMU Series, DRLII Series and DRS Series seamlessly running on the process flow.

Communication Protocol
Oriental Motor Network
A convertor from each communication protocol to our unique RS-485 communication protocol. By using this network converter, our RS‐485 compatible products can be controlled by various FA networks such as cc-link, mechatrolink and ethercat.

Robot Arm Demo with AZ Series
The AZ series is an advanced closed loop stepper motor, equipped with the ABZO sensor for "sensor-less" homing capabilities. Together with the usage of our Multi-Axis drivers, advanced performance can be fulfilled.

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