Calculation of Required Calorific Value

In order to maintain the appropriate temperature inside the control panel,
you need to know the required calorific value of the heater which meets the conditions.
Required calorific value can be determined from the size, material and temperature of inside and outside of the control panel.
Please make use of it at the time of selection calculation or as a supporting tool when setting up.
Enter the setting value and click the "Calculate" button, then the result will be shown.

Calculation of Required Calorific Value

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Material of the Control Panel (Note 1)  
Location to Install  
Width of the Control Panel W: [m]
Height of the Control Panel H: [m]
Depth of the Control Panel D: [m]
Target Temperature T1: [℃]
Ambient Temperature T2: [℃]
Gross Calorific Value Q: [W]
(Note 1)
If the material of your control panel is not in the choices, Please contact Technical Support (Free of charge)


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Required Calorific Value [W]