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  • 19-04-2018

    BLE2 Series

    The new BLE2 series have added a high power 400 W motor and various gearhead which includes the Hypoid Right-angle Hollow Shaft JH gear. It can be used for wider purposes and some gearhead supports H1 Grease.

  • 19-04-2018

    KII Reversible Motor

    Equipped with a high-performance gearhead, the KII Series is dedicatedly designed for each voltage model, delivering higher efficiency and improved characteristics. The reversible motor is equipped with a simple brake of a new structure for reduced deterioration. The coated color has been changed to misty gray metallic.

  • 04-10-2017

    BLV Series

    Introducing the new high power with DC input BLV Series brushless motor and driver with output options of 200 W (1/4 HP) to 400 W (1/2 HP). Communication control through I/O or RS-485 is available to support a wide variety of applications.

  • 17-07-2017

    KII/KIIS Series with Hypoid Right-Angle Hollow Shaft JH/JL Gearhead

    KII Series with JL/JH gearhead
    ● Hypoid Right-Angle Shaft Gear
    ● High Performance Motor Installed
    ● High Strength Right-Angle Shaft Gearhead
    ● Space Saving
    ● Cost Saving
    ● Increased Assembling Flexibility

  • 22-09-2016

    EAS/EAC Series with AZ Series Equipped

    Equipped with Stepping Motor with Built-in Compact Battery-free ABZO Sensor

    Contributing to improvement in productivity and cutting cost.

    Products equipped with the AZ Series with built-in absolute sensor are added to the

    lineup of Motorized Linear Slides EAS Series and Motorized Cylinders EAC Series.