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Oriental Motor BLH & BLV Series Brushless DC Motors

Why the BLH & BLV Series Brushless DC Motors are suitable for AGVs/AMRs.

With an evolving competitive market over the years leading to IOT (Internet of Things) or Industry 4.0., manufacturers are looking for smarter ways to get ahead of their competition. An example of this is the growing trend of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), as well as an increase in automated storage and retrieval systems in both warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

When moving objects from point A to B, an AGV/AMR is continuously running and carrying loads. In order to carry its maximum payloads at different speeds, the motor must be able to handle various speeds at constant torque. The wide speed range and flat torque characteristics of brushless motors allows designers maximum flexibility in their designs. Brushless motors are continuous duty due to their high efficiency. They can be run continuously without additional heat sinks which can help increase productivity.

BLH & BLV Series Brushless DC Motors

BLH Series Brushless DC Motors models

Product Name
[Brushless DC Motors]
Output Power
Gear Head Reduction Ratio Applicable Controller Power Supply Input
[Direct Current]
BLHM015K-10 15W 10:1 BLH2D15-K 24 VDC
BLHM015K-20 15W 20:1
BLHM450K-10 50W 10:1 BLH2D50-K
BLHM450K-20 50W 20:1

We have two types of cable available. For 1.5 metres: CC02BLH and for our Power and I/O cable set for the controller: LHS003CC.

BLV Series Brushless DC Motors Electromagnetic Brake Equipped Models

Product Name
[Brushless DC Motors]
Output Power
Gear Head Reduction Ratio Cable Length
Power Supply Input
[Direct Current]
BLV620KM50F-1 200W 50:1 1m 24 VDC
BLV620KM100F-1 200W 100:1
BLV640NM50F-1 400W 50:1 1m 48 VDC
BLV640NM100F-1 400W 100:1
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