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Motor Selection Service

We can provide such laborious tasks as torque calculation and motor selection for you to save your time and manpower.
You can ask us to select the motor you need via home page or Fax.
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Now, you may download "CONTROL MOTOR SIZING SOFTWARE" directly into your computer and do motor selection offline.

Example of Mechanism

Belt and PulleyBelt and Pulley Online Form
ScrewScrew Online Form
Motor RotaryMotor Rotary PDF
Index TableIndex Table PDF
Belt SliderBelt Slider PDF
Roller ConvayorRoller Convayor PDF
DuctDuct PDF
VentilationVentilation PDF
Other ApplicationPDF


-Customer Support centre (English, Chinese)-

+65-6842-0280 (For all South East Asian Countries)
1800-842-0280 (For Singapore)
1800-806161 (For Malaysia)

-Japanese Customer Support centre (日本語専用)-

+65-6745-3008 (For all South East Asian Countries)